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Neon is the New Black

Sara EllisComment
Neon Signs Prop Hire

What better way to tell guests exactly how modish a bride and groom you are than with these super on-trend words of light. Neon signs have firmly hit the wedding hot list this year and are officially high-in reign when it comes to the wedding fashion ‘mandate’. Neon is the new black.

I think it is safe to say that at least most of us want our big day to be not only stunning,  but also have that edge of cool, that edge of talk-ability, an edge of on- trend , or at the very least be keeping up with the current times. No thanks to the out-dated satin sash overkill right?!

So if any of the above is you, then a neon sign spelling out words of adoration or simple words of coolness are a piece of wedding décor must-have.  

Pair up a neon sign with some flowers, or a beautiful balloon installation, and ta-da, wedding awesomeness.

Aside from the obvious pizzazz of the 80s-esque disco feel this splash of light can bring, what we love about neon’s is their ability to absolutely transform any space into something romantic, modern and stylish.

When it comes to incorporating neon’s, the more unembellished the space the better. They work magnificently against the stark contrast of bare, exposed, rustic or rugged spaces, such as those found in barns, churches or historic venues.

By combining choices of beyond–the-bouquet blooms you are guaranteed to wow. Soft, pastel flower choices, such as roses, peonies or hydrangeas can also accentuate neon signs with the fusion of country-meets-cool.

This season’s minimalistic wedding trend focuses on textural details, amazing backdrops and creative floral installations, and neon signs have become one of the coolest ways to individualize your wedding.

When it comes to bohemian, minimalistic, or even classic aesthetics, neon’s are the way. Complimenting neon signs with pampass grass, disco balls, foliage walls, and large, geometric copper-piping frames will put you firmly on the cool map for 2019’s trendiest weddings.

In summary, for a romantic, edgy, insta-perfect and editorial-fit wedding using these typographic luminosities are a definite affirmative.