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Festoon Lighting - inspiration for your wedding or event!

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We just love the new trend of festoon lighting. How can you utilise this industrial rustic themed lighting into your day? 

Photo Credit - Scott Kendall Photography

Photo Credit - Scott Kendall Photography

Most people think of festoon lighting as outdoor lighting, but we are seeing more and more couples choosing this type of lighting for inside.

At To Have & To Hire we offer lots of variations of festoon lighting options to dress your day.  

Festoon lighting looks great when it is randomly looped throughout a ceiling. We have two types of bulbs available a standard range (non dimming), or our dimming range with filament vintage bulbs. We strongly suggest our dimming range for any indoor venue so that the bulbs can be dimmed later in the evening.

We also have a great range of drop pendants to create a stunning installations as shown below at Tithe Barn, Petersfield


Add a party vibe

Festoon lights look great with hanging lanterns and are a great source of lighting in an outdoor structure.

Adding other elements to festoons can also add the wow factor! We installed hanging glass baubles with flowers and tealights from our festoons at this wedding at Southend Barns.

festoon_lighting_southendbarns (2).jpg


The possibilities are endless, if you are after festoons for your day, get in touch