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Wedding Trends - NEW Neon Signs!

Sara EllisComment

Here at To Have & To Hire HQ we are always sourcing new and exciting products for our clients. We love being right on trend and up to date and ensuring our clients have a fab range of products to hire.

We are uber excited to announce our new range of Neon signs for weddings. All our signs come with inbuilt dimmers so that you can adjust the brightness depending on what you prefer.

In stock and ready to hire are the following signs - but watch this space we will be launching other signs shortly.


Can you offer personalised signs?

With the Mr & Mrs signs we are offering our couples the opportunity to purchase their surname. This will be hung with the Mr & Mrs on their day and they can take the surname home and keep forever.

If there is another sign you are after get in touch we may be able to help.

Where can they go?

We can either hang the signs from a wall or beam at your chosen venue, or you can choose from one of our freestanding frames to suit your wedding theme. We have lots of options available. We will also shortly be releasing a freestanding bottom frame so you can either stand on a table or on the floor.

Can they go outside?

Yes we are happy to install outside, but if it rains they must be brought inside. For them to be outside we must have a power supply within 10 metres.

Are they breakable?

Our neon led signs are a premium range and are made from plastic so very durable. They do not get hot, so you need not worry about little ones getting burned.

These items are in stock now available for your 2019 wedding and beyond……

This is just our initial range but we will be increasing the range to further signs and to cover other events. So keep your eyes out on our facebook and website for new releases!