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Glam & Sparkle

Crystals, Sequins, Pearls, Gold and Silver are all great elements for this style.  The important thing to remember with this look is less is more.  Choose a colour and a style and stick to it.  You can incorporate flowers into the theme to soften the look.  

Draping is a great way to incorporate this look at your venue.  Draping can add a romantic feel to the venue, by adding fairy lights this also adds sparkle. You can opt for draping just your reception room or ceremony room or both.  If draping your ceremony room leave your drapes plain and incorporate lighting by adding lanterns up your aisle.  If you wish to create a centrepiece in the room why not have us install our bespoke chandelier.

Sashes can be added to chairs either in an organza sash with a crystal heart hung on the corner or a romantic chiffon ruffle.  Alternatively if pearls is your thing have pearls draped on the backs of the chairs.

Glamorous centrepieces can be achieved in many ways.  Why not go for a classic candelabra adorned with either crystals and pearls.  We stock these in either silver or gold to match this theme.  You could ask your florist to add a small floral display if you wanted to incorporate some colour.  

One of our favourites is the Crystal Globes.  These look stunning in a trio again you can either place tealights at the base in the colour to match the theme or have small vases of flowers around the base.  The ones shown here were created by Wild & Green Florists.

If you want to go for a more floral look these stunning centrepieces created again by Wild & Green Florists are elegant with a glam twist.  Within the glass vase there is single crystal garland hanging through the centre.  Simply stunning.

If you want to add further sparkle to your table why not go for a sequin table runner.  These are real bling.  We have these available in silver, gold and rose gold.

But what if you cannot choose your favourite.  We have seen a mismatch of centrepieces happening at weddings more and more.  Personally I love this look.  Try to keep to two choices.

You have the ceiling decor, chosen your centrepieces, ceremony room done, how do you create a glamorous table plan.  Our cream easel and mirror table plan is ideal for this look.  You can either write on this with a chalk pen or have your own stationery made and attach using glue dots.

A lot of couples want to add some quirky items to their day.  Below are a selection of items we would recommend for the theme.