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A great blog from the quirky and fun Nick and Nicci from Velvet Storm Photography

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Getting to know VSP - Velvet Storm Photography

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Q.  If you could jump on a plane and fly anywhere tomorrow – where would you go?

Nicci: America!! I would have a car waiting so I could travel all over !

Nick: Take a road trip across California on a Harley Davidson to Mexico then when in Mexico buy a vintage VW bug and drive it back to England.

Q.  What does your favourite Sunday involve?

Nicci: Cooked breakfast, a chilled morning but on a nice day on the beach with a camera in hand!

Nick: Normally editing images or work related creativity and eating plus a glass of red wine now and then !!! 

Q.  What TV show are you totally addicted to?  

Nicci: When there is time I do enjoy a good film, but with work and children time its limited.

Nick: Tv whats that ? – Breaking Bad was brilliant – A must view & Californication too  

Q.  What is your guilty pleasure song? We won’t tell!

Nicci: The birdy song a must for your wedding – (Not really)!! I love most music at the end of the day.

Nick: Anything from the last 30 years – love most music – Spotify Addict…. Got to have numerous playlists when editing photographs from Frank Sinatra to the Cure


Q.  What do you enjoy most best about what you do?

We see photography in every element of our life were always on the lookout for that image that tells the story in a different way.

We love seeing our Bride & Grooms faces when they see the images from their wedding for the first time…. It’s an emotional moment and tissues are normally needed!

We’ve met some wonderful people through doing this job and were excited about those we’ve yet to meet on this amazing journey.

Q.  How did you get into wedding photography?

Nick & I had been discussing wedding photography for a while then a friend of mine sacked her photographer the day before her wedding and she was unhappy – she called me in tears and after a chat and a quick thought we were on our way to Surrey to cover her big day…. We totally loved every minute and realised that all the positive feedback we had from the experience that this was something we had to pursue further.. The rest is history ..

Q.  Do you have a favourite piece of advice for couples for their wedding day?

Advice we always give our couples is – to make sure they get “time out” together on their big day to relax, enjoy and let us create some beautiful memories …